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In the event of the death of a member of the GSK Pension Fund there is a provision for a new pension (reduced in line with the Rules) to be provided to a surviving spouse or civil partner. At the discretion of the Trustees, there may be some benefits for any dependents of the member who are under age 18 years. The following information is offered as a guide that may be useful to members wishing to plan for their inheritance, or to dependents following the death of a pensioner.

On the death of a pensioner the person, or persons, who may benefit from the pension transfer:-

1. should immediately contact Hewitt Associates (telephone, UK free phone 0800 328 4900, outside UK 00 44 121 262 6931), who administer the GSK Pension Fund to notify the death, and so that Hewitt can provide a detailed list of information and documents necessary to set up the new pension. HEWITT SHOULD MAINTAIN A RESPONSE TIME OF TWO WORKING DAYS FOLLOWING NOTIFICATION OF A DEATH, AND FOR ALL SUBSEQUENT COMMUNICATIONS.

2. should decide whether to make arrangements themselves, or to enlist the aid of a relative or friend.

3. should decide who to ask to witness document signing.

Payment of pension

* after notification of a death, Hewitt will adjust the pension paid so that the pensioner receives the full pension until the day of his/her death and any dependents receive the new pension for the rest of the month. This adjustment may be made in retrospect, if the full month's pension has already been paid.

* information and forms have to be with Hewitt by the 10th of the month to enable them to have the revised arrangements in place for that month. Any delay in setting up the new pension will be made good by back payments.

The amount of documentation and other information that will be needed to effect the transfer of a benefit will vary from case to case. Some or all of this will be needed depending on the pensioner's and beneficiaries' circumstances:-

* The pensioner:-

(a) GSK pension number
(b) National Insurance number
(c) Original death certificate

* The spouse:-

(a) Original marriage certificate (or registration of civil partnership)
(b) Spouse's (or partner's) original birth certificate
(c) Spouse's (or partner's) National Insurance number

* Information relating to dependency:-

(a) Proof of co-habitation (e.g. Council Tax Bill or Utility Bill)
(b) proof of financial dependency (e.g. Joint Account Statements)

* Information relating to dependent children (for each child below age 18):-

(a) Child's name
(b) Child's birth certificate
(c) Certificate of full time education

* Information in respect of Executor of the estate:-

(a) Copy of the Will and/or Grant of Probate may be required. If these are not available at the time, a signed Declaration Form will be required.
(b) Copy of Letters of Administration (if appropriate)

* Information in respect of the Legal Personal Representative (the person responsible for handling the deceased's estate):-

Name and address of the Legal Personal Representative

* Information in respect of the solicitor:-

Name and address of the solicitor acting on behalf of the deceased member's estate or spouse or civil partner

* Pension payment instructions for:-

The spouse, civil partner and, if relevant, any dependents under age 18.

These notes arise from experience gained during the transfer of pension benefit, and we offer them in the hope that they will prove to be useful to our members.

The Committee Members and Contact Persons of the Association of Wellcome Group Pension Fund Members may be available to advise if it would be helpful.